Friday, 18 May 2007

One Big Weekend

Down the road in Preston, Radio 1 is hosting its annual free music festival, 'One big weekend'. The Cathedral also has a big weekend coming up - tonight, Morecambe Brass Band are giving a benefit concert in aid of the Cathedral's organ restoration fund; tomorrow the diocese will gather with the Bishop as he celebrates 40 years since his ordination to the priesthood; Sunday is the feast of the Ascension, and there's another concert in the evening.

Most of Cathedral House has been taken over as we prepare for the Bishop's Jubilee Mass: every inch of fride space, every spare table...

This, for example, is the sitting room - now laid out with plates ready to be transferred into the marquee when it arrives tomorrow morning - and this is the library, laid out with vestments for the canons and other jubilarians who have come to celebrate with the Bishop.

An early start awaits us in the morning!