Monday, 20 August 2007

An Episcopal View I

A cathedral is a bishop's church. The word 'bishop' comes from the Greek episcopos, literally meaning 'overseer'. It seems appropriate, therefore, that the Cathedral has a fine view not just over the city of Lancaster, but also over many parts of the diocese. Tomorrow a few long-distance images will be posted; for today, views of Lancaster and its surroundings taken from the Cathedral tower this afternoon. Above, a fine view over the city; below, our neighbour to the north: the church of St Joseph, nestling amongst trees and terraces.

The city comes to an abrupt halt (below) making way for the rolling countryside out towards Hornby and, further still, Cumbria.

Below, a view of a very different kind. Heysham Power Station helps to keep Lancaster lit...

... while various shipping traffic passes through Heysham port, often carrying goods and people to and from Ireland.

We are lucky to have such fine views from the tower, though it is a shame that, because of the narrow (and slightly precarious) staircase, so few people can enjoy it. Below, a sign half way up the tower provides a stern warning to go no further:

'JP' in this case is likely to mean John Pye (long-time keeper of the tower and chief bellringer, who recently celebrated 65 years service on the bells), rather than it being a decree given by the late Pope John Paul!