Saturday, 22 September 2007

Fit for Mission?

The Diocese of Lancaster is currently in the middle of a major review, under the heading 'Fit for Mission?', looking at how the Church in this area can be more effective in spreading the Gospel. It is a significant challenge to all of us, and the Cathedral, which in a certain sense is a 'flagship' for the Diocese, must be very active in this work.

Within the Cathedral, a chapel has been set aside for prayer for this intention, asking that God may guide all those involved in the review. Part of the review involves restructuring of parishes, which inevitably will mean the closure of some church buildings. The decisions may well be painful, and God's guidance is certainly needed.

This weekend plans will be published for the Lancaster and Morecambe deaneries, so Cathedral parishioners and those from neighbouring parishes will get an idea of what is proposed for this area. There will then be a period of consultation before the plans are put into place. The proposals will be announced at all Masses this weekend, then available from Tuesday on the diocesan website: and on