Saturday, 10 November 2007

Then and Now

Several decades ago, for reasons that are not entirely clear, the door leading out of the Cathedral's north transept onto the primary school playground was bricked up. Over the last few months it has been re-opened. It unquestionably looks a lot better than it did, but the benefits of this work have been more practical than aesthetic. Links between the Cathedral parish and school are very strong, and the children often visit the Cathedral for Mass and educational work. Now they can get in without having to go off the premises or cross ground used by cars, so clearly their journey is easier and safer.

From inside, the open door reveals a clear view up to the Cathedral cemetery gates (under the archway in the distance), allowing easier access when a cemetery visit follows immediately after Mass (for example, the recent procession after the Chapter Mass). From outside there is a view right to the back of the Cathedral: on the photo below, the bottom left corner is the 'Te Deum' window is visible.