Monday 14 July 2008


Some time ago, when the Organ Restoration Fund was launched, an 'Adopt-a-Pipe' scheme was set up. With work on the organ progressing, and with the financial target almost in sight, it will soon be time to close the appeal. So - in case you've missed out so far - here's a last look at the scheme and how it works.

Anyone wishing to adopt a pipe makes a donation: £25 for a small pipe, £50 for medium, £100 for large and £150 for extra large. They are then assigned a pipe. It is not possible to inscribe the pipes themselves, but all inscriptions will be recorded in a book which will be produced when the appeal closes. Participants also receive a certificate on which their inscription is recorded. The organ has 1886 pipes - so there are plenty left to adopt! Donations can also be 'gift-aided' to increase their value at no cost to the giver.

Children can adopt an accesory, such as one of the pistons or keys, at a cost of £2.50. If you'd like to know more, get in touch with us. You could also click here for the adopt-a-pipe page on the Cathedral's website. The appeal is doing well but we need one final push to cross the finish line!