Sunday, 15 July 2007

Texan Ambassador

Today is the last full day at the Cathedral for Nolan Lowry, a seminarian (trainee priest) from the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. Nolan is studying at the North American College, a stone's throw from St Peter's in Rome, but has spent the last month at our own St Peter's in Lancaster. Having grown up in Texas and spent the last year in Rome, England's endless rain must have come as a bit of a shock to him, although we did manage to take the photo above in a rare moment of summer sunshine yesterday. During his time with us he's been helping in many ways, as well as seeing some of the sights of England. He managed a day trip to Liverpool, a visit to the diocesan shrine at Ladywell and a wet afternoon in the Lake District.

The main excursion was an overnight trip to London, with 24 hours to see all the main sights. Lunch at the Texas Embassy (just off Trafalgar Square) was a must - the name recalls the days when there really was a Texan Embassy in London, before Texas joined the United States in 1845. Texas hasn't had an ambassador to the UK since then, of course, but Nolan has been a great ambassador for the Church in the US during his time with us. Our best wishes and prayers go with him as he returns to Italy tomorrow.