Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bishop Campbell: the first year

It's a year to the day since it was announced that Fr Michael Campbell OSA was to be our coadjutor. The Cathedral Blog was among the first to release the news: the original post can be seen here. Since then he's had quite a year, moving into the Diocese in Holy Week, being ordained bishop on 31st March, leading the diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes and making many parish visitations. He ordained some deacons in Rome in June, and has confirmed many young people around the Diocese. Bishop Campbell will formally take charge of the Diocese in a few weeks' time, becoming the sixth Bishop of Lancaster at a diocesan Mass on the early evening of 1st May. The occasion will also be our diocesan farewell to Bishop O'Donoghue. Entry to the Mass will be restricted due to high demand and limited space; details will be made available through parishes in the Diocese in the near future.