Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Real and Virtual Visitors

The Cathedral welcomes an ever-growing number of visitors through its doors. Tourists, people coming in to pray or light a candle, parish and school groups form a steady stream of non-parishioners passing through the doors. In the last week or so there have been eductaional tours for a whole school - Dean Gibson Primary School, Kendal - and a catechetical tour for confirmation candidates from St Augustine's, Carlisle, the most northerly parish of the Diocese. For those who can't physically get here, the Blog today draws attention to a couple of features of the Cathedral's website - the guide (click here) and the 'virtual tour' (pictured).

This virtual tour was produced by a company called ipix photos, and is hosted on their website. Visitors can select a part of the Cathedral (from the 'select and go' box below the image) and then pan around, looking up or down using the mouse. The tour was produced a number of years ago - it is not new! However, with an ever-growing number of people visiting the Cathedral's website and blog, it seems good to highlight this feature for those who cannot physically get here. The virtual tour can be found by clicking here.