Tuesday 24 June 2008

Up in the Organ Loft

Up in the organ loft this afternoon there was a fair amount of activity, as the first of the organ's restored soundboards were returned to their rightful place.

Many of the restored parts could be seen close up - to untrained eyes a fairly baffling array of items!

This is part of the mechanism for which allows the organ stops to work, thus creating the wide variety of sounds that the organ is famous for.

Even to untrained eyes, however, it is obvious that a great deal of precision and time goes into this delicate work. It is wonderful to see how new-looking the parts are - a far cry from the dust-covered and worn-out mechanism they are replacing.

Leaning on the wall just beneath the Te Deum window, the organ pipes will stand on these boards when they are back in place.

A number of men came up from the Henry Willis and Sons workshop in Liverpool, where the work is being carried out, to put the parts back in place. The soundboards are quite substantial, and inside the organ casing is not the easiest or most spacious working environment!

Work continues on the restoration, and it will be some time yet before the organ is fully back in action. All the signs are that it will be well worth the wait.