Saturday, 27 September 2008

Diocesan Education Mass

Last night the Cathedral hosted the annual Education Mass. Each year teachers, school governors, catechists and others involved in education around the Diocese are invited to come together for Mass. At the start of a new academic year, they entrusted the coming months to God's providence and asked for His guidance.

The Mass was organised by the Diocesan Education Service, which gives advice to Catholic schools within the Diocese, assists with the appointment of governors and teachers, offers the CCRS course for Catholic teachers and provides ongoing adult formation. The Education Service is based in buildings adjoining the Cathedral.

Fr Luiz Ruscillo, who is Director of the Education Service, preached at the Mass. In his own animated style, he gave a clear, simple message: to be a good teacher, one must be prepared to also be a good learner. He also spoke of Bishop Patrick's recent 'Fit for Mission?' documents, saying that they are a clear lesson in applying the Gospel to the life of the Church.

It was wonderful to see the Cathedral packed for this Mass; it is a sign of the great commitment to Catholic education in our Diocese.