Wednesday, 14 May 2008

"Let someone else take his office"

Today is the feast of St Matthias, the Apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot. The first reading at Mass speaks of his appointment; St Peter says that Judas must be replaced, quoting the words of Psalm 108 (109): "Let someone else take his office". From that day, the office of the Apostles has been renewed by the appointment of successors: the bishops of the Church. The large number of bishops who attended the recent episcopal ordination reminded us of their duty to pass on their duties and their authority, for the good of the Church. To mark the day, and in the light of Bishop Campbell's recent ordination, below is a gallery of all the bishops who have served in Lancaster since the Diocese was founded in 1924.

Rt Rev Thomas Wulstan Pearson OSB
Bishop of Lancaster 1924-1938

Rt Rev Thomas Edward Flynn
Bishop of Lancaster 1939-1961

Rt Rev Thomas Bernard Pearson
Titular Bishop of Sinda
Auxiliary Bishop in Cumbria, 1949-1984

Rt Rev Brian Charles Foley
Bishop of Lancaster 1962-1985

Rt Rev John Brewer
Bishop of Lancaster 1985-2000

Rt Rev Patrick O'Donoghue
Bishop of Lancaster 2001-present

Rt Rev Michael Gregory Campbell OSA
Coadjutor Bishop of Lancaster