Friday, 9 May 2008

To the City Museum

This morning the priests and Caroline, the Cathedral's events co-ordinator, made a trip to the city museum in Market Square. The visit was part of the process of planning events for 2009, the Cathedral's 150th anniversary. For three months leading up to October 2009 the museum will host an exhibition centred on the Cathedral and Lancaster's Catholic heritage. There will be three parts to the exhibition: the first part will be concerned with Catholicism in the Lancaster area between the Reformation and the 19th century; the second part will feature information about the building of the Cathedral, with some emphasis on the numerous local families who helped to pay for the building; the final part will be within the Cathedral itself, making use of our own display area. This will hopefully attract more visitors to the Cathedral in its anniversary year, and help local residents and visitors to Lancaster to deepen their knowledge of Catholicism in this area.