Saturday, 3 May 2008

Ordination DVD

Since the day of Bishop Campbell's ordination there has been a long and growing list of people who would like a video record of the day. The process of editing has been delayed by the challenge of trying to fit such a long liturgy onto a single disk, but we hope to be able to make the DVD available very soon. Copies will be available at £10 each, plus £2 p&p if you need the disk posting to you within the UK. We need to order them in bulk, and will allow for the fact that some people have not yet ordered, but if you want to guarantee a copy, you need to order in advance. Please get in touch by telephone/email/post: click here for details.

Four cameras were used on the day to give a good all-round view of the ordination. The DVD has been professionally edited and produced by a local company, giving a very fine record of the day's events.