Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Curious about the Eucharist?

Tonight we begin a season of talks on the Eucharist, the latest in the Cathedral's 'Curious about?' series of catechesis. The programme is structured around Pope Benedict's document Sacramentum Caritatis ('Sacrament of Charity'). Mirroring the structure of that document, it is divided into three sections: a mystery to be believed (examining the Church's faith in the Eucharist), a mystery to be celebrated (looking at how we celebrate Mass and what the elements of the Mass mean), a mystery to be lived (exploring how the Eucharist both compels and strengthens us to live lives of love). All the talks are free and open to everyone; they take place on Tuesday evenings in St Walburga's (the Cathedral 'day chapel', accessed from Balmoral Road). There are six talks before Christmas, four in Lent and four in Eastertide. More information can be found here, or download in pdf format the poster here or flyer here.