Thursday 9 October 2008

The Eucharist: an exhibition

Last weekend, in the midst of all the Dedication celebrations, we launched a new mini-exhibition on the Eucharist. The display is part of the Cathedral's catechetical programme 'Curious about the Eucharist?', which begins this month and runs until next June.

This small exhibition is held in 'Inspire', the Cathedral's exhibition space under the bell tower. Various objects associated with the Eucharist are on display, and there are backlit information panels with images and quotations from Scripture.

There are a number of information panels around the Cathedral. At each point (and in this display) the aim is not simply to provide information as at a museum; rather, the displays should inform while also leading people to better understand our Catholic faith. These exhibits are not museum pieces but reminders of the living faith for which the Cathedral exists. Here, for example, the information alongside the chalice and paten speaks of the Church's faith in Christ's Eucharistic presence.

Alongside this display the 'Curious about the Eucharist' programme will feature fourteen free talks (Tuesday evenings, beginning 21st October), weekly reflections on the Cathedral newsletter, booklets and leaflets being made available and a chance to visit the sacristy to learn more about the significance of the vestments and vessels used at Mass. People from outside the parish are very welcome to come along. For more information on the talks, click here. The whole programme will conclude with the 40 Hours Exposition and the feast of Corpus Christi next June.