Tuesday 7 October 2008

Vespers of the Dedication

Every Sunday Vespers - the evening prayer of the Church - is sung in the Cathedral. For the feast of the Dedication, Vespers was celebrated with added solemnity.

After the morning Mass the sanctuary was transformed to make it ready for Vespers. The Cathedral looked particularly fine on Sunday - the sun put in an appearance, giving the church a even brighter feel. The new banners hanging behind the sanctuary were used for the first time at this feast; their vibrant colours complimenting the surroundings.

At 4pm the Rosary was prayed, as it is each Sunday, with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. After the Rosary there was time for private prayer in Christ's presence, before Vespers began at 4:40pm.

It was wonderful to see so many people come for Vespers. Bishop O'Donoghue presided at the liturgy, with Bishop Campbell and some of the Canons in choir. Canon Stephen and Fr Andrew acted as cantors, leading the singing of the psalms and canticles, with the congregation also in good voice.

At the end of Vespers there was Benediction; here the assembled people received God's blessing as the day's celebrations drew to a close.

In the Cathedral library after Vespers, the Bishops again had the chance to meet some of the people who had come together for prayer. Vespers is celebrated with Benediction every Sunday at 4:40pm; everyone is welcome to attend.