Saturday 28 March 2009

St Thérèse: the programme for the visit

This logo is about to become a more familiar sight around the Lancaster Diocese. It will be used for promotional and catechetical materials for the visit of the relics of St Thérèse in September. The first wave of resources will be going out to parishes just before Easter. It's exactly six months until the relics arrive, and there is much work to do in the meantime.

Today a new blog has been launched in preparation for the visit. It will carry news and practical information about the event, alert readers to relevant resources and talks etc around the Diocese, mark anniversaries associated with Thérèse and encourage people to participate. The blog will be updated regularly; you can visit it here or by clicking the Thérèse logo in the right-hand column of this blog.

On the main Cathedral website, the section devoted to the Thérèse visit has now been completely revised and carries much useful information. From today you can find the programme (timetable) for the visit (click here for pdf version and here for standard web page) and a list of events taking place before the visit (click here). If you know of an event that we haven't advertised, or would like to organise a group visit to the relics, please contact us.