Friday, 24 July 2009

The Martyrs of Cumbria

This image of Blessed Christopher Robinson, at the Church of Our Lady and St Joseph in Warwick Square, Carlisle, is shown to mark today's feast of the Cumbrian Martyrs. Nine other martyrs are commemorated today; they were all born in Cumbria; Christopher Robinson was born, lived and was executed in Carlisle; the rest, who include St John Boste, were born in the county but died elsewhere. This feast is one of several on the Lancaster Diocesan Calendar, which has come into being within the last few years. The Cathedral's local feast, that of the Lancaster Martyrs, is kept on 7th August and will be marked with Mass (12:15pm), a procession to the execution site (leaves the Cathedral at 3pm), Exposition at 5pm and Sung Vespers and Benediction at 5:30pm. You will be most welcome to come to the Cathedral on the day.