Sunday, 20 December 2009

White Advent

While snow causes chaos in parts of the UK - and indeed overseas - Lancaster residents awoke to a covering of white this morning. It's more picturesque than disruptive here; roads remain open (though some are a little slippery!) and the Cathedral's timetable will continue as planned.

Some more snow is forecast for today and overnight, but it seems unlikely that it will cause the disruption seen elsewhere. Time will tell!

Nowhere escapes, of course, and our St Thérèse cloister garden has a light covering of snow for the first time since it opened in September. Thérèse loved the snow and was delighted when snow fell on her clothing day at Carmel. Just as she received the white veil of the novice, everything around her received a white covering too. It seemed to her that it was a little miracle, a sign of God's love for her.