Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Finding Canon Billington

A while ago we reported that the 150th anniversary of the Cathedral will be marked with a 'historical blog' running throughout 2009. It's called 'Billington's Blog', after Canon Richard Billington, who was in charge of the parish 1893-1916. Canon Billington co-wrote the first published history of the parish, written for the golden jubilee in 1909 and published in 1910. The book will be reprinted, with a second volume bringing the history up to date, hopefully towards the end of next year. On Billington's Blog we will mark anniversaries of significant events; we will include old pictures extracts from documents from throughout the history of St Peter's; we will also show you where you can see the traces of that history in the Cathedral and around Lancaster today. Billington's Blog will launch on 1st January 2009, so there's not much to see yet - but you can visit (and maybe even bookmark) the site by clicking here. You can also access the blog by clicking on the link or on the picture of Canon Billington in the right-hand column of this blog.