Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The final words of 2008

The Pope stands on the balcony of St Peter's on Christmas Day, delivering his message 'Urbi et Orbi' (to the city and to the world). On this last day of 2008 the Blog looks briefly at the Christmas homilies and messages delivered by the Pope and our Bishop. In the Urbi et Orbi Pope Benedict spoke of Christ as the light that has appeared 'for all', praying that His light may be seen in the most troubled parts of the world. Earlier, at Midnight Mass, he reflected on Christ stooping down to earth, and creation, in response, acclaiming Him. The text of the Urbi et Orbi can be found here, and the Midnight Mass homily here. Earlier in the week the Pope made a speech to the Roman Curia, which was widely misreported in the media. Bishop Campbell has made a translation of his words, which can be read here by those who want the true story. Here in Lancaster Bishop O'Donoghue's homily at Midnight Mass reminded us that God is constantly willing to surprise us with manifestations of His love - and nowhere is the surprise greater than in the Christmas scene. His full homily can be read here.

Tomorrow the Blog will take a look at some of the many events we expect to take place in 2009 - the Cathedral's 150th anniversary. Thanks to all who have emailed good wishes for Christmas and throughout the year, and best wishes to all for a happy year ahead.