Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September Diary

September 14th - the feast of the Triumph of the Cross - will this year also mark the 150th anniversary of the day that the cross was placed at the top of the Cathedral spire. As the Cathedral's main anniversary celebration (October 4th) approaches, there will be a lot going on in September to mark the anniversary. Lancaster City Museum is hosting an exhibition about the Cathedral, which begins on 12th September and runs until 21st November. It will be well worth a visit. There are also the Heritage Open Days taking place the weekend 12th/13th September and the Lancaster Unlocked weekend (26th/27th). And then, of course, there's the visit of the relics of St Thérèse, one of the largest events the Cathedral has ever hosted, which takes place Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th. The full September diary can be found here.

With the visit fast approaching, you will be able to follow the preparations on the St Thérèse blog. To date updates on this site have been once or twice a week; in the coming month you can expect much more frequent posts, as the blog will cover not only the behind-the-scenes preparations here but also take a look at other venues around the country. The relics arrive in England in just 15 days' time, and we will follow their progress as they head north. There will also be a great deal of practical information posted over the coming weeks. You can find the St Thérèse blog here; today it gives some details of visit-related events taking place around the Diocese this month.

Canon Billington's historical survey also continues, with September featuring - amongst other things - the Golden Jubilee of 1909, the centenary celebrations in 1959 and the 1995 reordering. All this and much more will be posted in the month ahead. Billington's Blog can be found here.