Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A view from the scaffold

Yesterday the blog very bravely sent a camera to the top of the scaffold at the east end of the Cathedral. Work is being done to improve the drainage, as some water has been getting into the church during the recent heavy rain.

The views from the top of the scaffold (which is something like 50ft above the ground) are worth sharing. It's also worth noting that the gargoyles and other carved decoration at this height is of very good quality. No expense was spared simply because it was too high for people on the ground to see!

Here's the view looking out over East Road, with the edge of the Cathedral School playground also visible.
Looking the other way, the Cathedral School can be seen here with the rows of terraced houses behind. The Pastoral Centre, which houses the diocesan administration, can be seen in the bottom right of the picture.

It was wise not to look down too often!

On the way back down this photograph was taken. It shows one of the Cathedral's apse windows (just behind the triptych) from the outside. An unusal angle!

Safely back on solid ground (and quite relieved about it!) it was possible to see the heights that had been scaled. The expedition took place under proper supervision, so please, don't try this at home!