Friday, 29 January 2010

Ad limina: private audiences

The Vatican's Bollettino, the daily round-up of news which (amongst other things) gives details of the Holy Father's engagements, reveals that yesterday our Bishop had a private audience with the Pope as part of the Bishops' Ad Limina visit. The picture here is of an earlier meeting, in September 2008. Pope Benedict will meet with all the Bishops who are in Rome for the Ad Limina, each of whom spend a few minutes in private conversation with him. Aside from Bishop Campbell, yesterday the Holy Father received the Archbishop of Liverpool, along with his auxiliary and retired auxiliary bishops; the Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, the Bishop of Hallam and the Bishop of Wrexham. It's a unique chance for the Pope to hear about the life of each diocese, of the challenges and the signs of hope present there. So if you are part of the Diocese of Lancaster, know that this morning Pope Benedict today knows a little more about the Church in your part of the world!