Thursday, 28 January 2010

From our friends in Slovakia

Blog readers in Slovakia enjoyed our coverage of events here at the Cathedral last year, it seems. Maria from Filakovo emailed and told us that she and her friends had been moved by much of what they had seen, especially pictures of the visit of St Thérèse back in September. They also enjoyed pictures of the Rome pilgrimage, especially as they had made their own trip to the Eternal City in April. Here are a few images of their trip, starting above with their group of about 90 pilgrims...

... and here their priests, seen with the Bishop.

One of the highlights of their trip was the Papal Audience. As you can see, it was a typically sunny April day in Rome, and they managed to get a good view of Pope Benedict. Maria also wished us well for the Holy Father's visit to the UK later this year.

Much like our group, the pilgrims from Slovakia did a tour of Rome's great churches. Above is one of their pictures of the Cathedral Church, the Lateran Basilica of St John.

One place they went that our pilgrims didn't visit was Assisi, the home of St Francis. Perhaps we should consider another pilgrimage...