Saturday, 11 April 2009

Sacristy Scenes

The last public liturgy before the Easter Vigil - Office of Readings and Morning Prayer - was sung in the Cathedral this morning, and now all efforts are turned towards preparing for the celebration of Easter. In the sacristy there is plenty of polishing and cleaning going on; the room is too small at this time of year, and is cluttered with all sorts of furniture and other items that were removed when the altars were stripped on Thursday evening.

The flower ladies began work early and are busy preparing a large number of arrangements: the whole church (side chapels, window ledges etc) must be decorated before the Vigil.

In Cathedral House all the altar cloths have been washed and will soon be ironed and returned to their altars. Everything must look as good as new!

In the Cathedral itself, however, everything is done to preserve the darkness and solemnity of Good Friday until the last minute. The altar remains uncovered, the cross still present for those who wish to pray. The scene will be very different in a few hours' time.