Monday, 4 May 2009

The Beginning of Mass

Slightly out of sequence, here are a few more pictures of the procession, the handover of the crozier and the opening of Mass. A word of thanks is due to our photographers, Andrew Jotischky and James Cowell, for their work. Above, the tail end of the procession enters the Cathedral, with the Nuncio and Cardinal adding some extra colour.

Bishop Patrick, at the back of the procession, still carries the crozier.

At the foot of the steps, it remains for just the two bishops and the deacons to take their places.

Having taken his seat, Bishop Campbell receives the diocesan crozier. The crozier is a symbol of his pastoral office, while the cathedra symbolises his teaching authority. The entire role of the Bishop is in some way expresses as he is seated, vested for Mass, with the crozier in hand.

After the handover, Mass begins as normal. Bishop Michael and Bishop Patrick reverenced the altar together before Bishop Patrick took his seat alongside the visiting bishops.

Bishop Campbell then incensed the altar. As he did so the choir sang "Ecce nova facio omnia" - "Behold, I make all things new" (Revelation 21:5). The text is the motto of our new Bishop, and the musical setting was written especially for his ordination last year. Over the coming days we will follow the Mass in chronological order; tomorrow we look at the Liturgy of the Word.