Monday, 11 May 2009

The Reception

The evening ended in the Ashton Hall, part of Lancaster's Town Hall, just a short walk down the hill from the Cathedral.

As in the Cathedral itself, there was a large and varied crowd of guests.

Food and drink were on offer to all those lucky enough to get tickets for the reception.

Both the Bishops had a chance to say a few words. Bishop Campbell is seen here, ready to present a gift from the Diocese to his predecessor. A collection taken around the Diocese raised a little over £15,000 - a sure sign of the gratitude which people feel towards Bishop Patrick.

A final handshake before the end of proceedings!

This cake was not seen at the reception, but certainly deserves a mention. It was produced for the Bishop to mark his retirement; his coat of arms and motto can be seen. The cake was topped with a mitre (we are not sure whether or not it was edible!) - a fine piece of work indeed!