Friday, 20 June 2008

The Ordination 'Thank You'

This week has brought back many memories of Bishop Campbell's ordination day in March: on Monday the DVDs arrived, giving us chance to relive the Mass, and this evening the parish held a 'thank you' party for those parishioners who helped. It was wonderful that both the Bishops were able to come to the event and to offer their thanks to those involved.

For many it was the first opportunity to meet Bishop Campbell. A lot of parishioners worked behind the scenes on the day but did not see the ordination or get to the reception, let alone meet the man at the centre of it all.

A great spread was laid on, which for once was not the work of Cathedral parishioners!

After everyone was satisfied, the Bishops each spoke a few words. This evening's gathering was organised by the Cathedral parish for the parishioners who helped on the day, and the Bishops were keen to thank them. Their thanks are also extended, no doubt, to the Knights of St Columba, choir members and others from beyond the parish boundary who helped at the ordination.

Bishop Patrick spoke of his delight at Bishop Michael's appointment, and how he knows he can leave the Diocese in safe hands. Bishop Michael said that Lancaster had 'done me proud' and warmly thanked the many people who had made the ordination so successful.

Over 100 people attended the party. It is a startling reminder of the goodwill of parishioners that so many people pulled together to make the ordination happen. The Cathedral, perhaps more than any parish in the Diocese, relies on the generosity of its parishioners; there is no doubt that for the ordination, they demonstrated a generosity of which all could be proud.