Thursday, 5 June 2008

Year 4 on retreat

Over the last couple of days children from Hayhurst class (year 4) at the Cathedral Primary School have been at Brettargh Holt near Kendal on a short retreat. The house is run by Salesian Sisters, who provide a range of activities for groups - especially the young. Their website can be found here.

The main theme of their time away was 'teamwork'. The children were encouraged to work more closely together and to look out for one another in their work and play. A range of workshops gave them opportunity to practise; the one above made good use of Brettargh's rather grand staircase!

The extensive grounds were the setting for another task: a nature trail. Yesterday evening, there was also a walk to a spot in the woods for a short time of reflection and prayer.

The grounds are also great for burning off a little excess energy, and the children made enthusiastic use of their break times!

Throughout the time away there were reminders that teamwork comes from God. The children were reminded of St Paul's analogy of the Body of Christ: we each have a different part to play in the Church, and this too involves teamwork. God has made us social beings and given each of us different talents so that we might work together for the greater good. Yesterday Mass was celebrated in the chapel, and there were regular times of prayer and meditation throughout the retreat. It will hopefully be an experience that the children will benefit from for many years.