Tuesday, 10 February 2009

City, Coast and Countryside

When Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor came to Bishop Campbell's ordination last March, he spoke in his homily about his days as Bishop of Arundel and Brighton. He mentioned that he would occasionally call Bishop John Brewer, our former Bishop, and tell him what a beautiful diocese he had. Bishop Brewer would invariably reply, "You ain't seen nothing". No one can deny that Bishop Brewer had a point - the Diocese of Lancaster is exceptionally beautiful, with an impressive coastline and the Lake District among its attractions.

A very clear day today made it an ideal opportunity to get a few pictures of the landscape around Lancaster. Here the northern edge of the city is seen; beyond it, Morecambe Bay is visible, then on the horizon the southern fells of the Lake District can be seen, covered in snow.

Here is our neighbouring parish, St Joseph's in Skerton, with the hills dominating the horizon.

Lancaster and the area is advertised to tourists using the slogan 'city, coast and countryside.' From the top of the Cathedral tower it is easy to see why. As the readings at Mass this week have begun to take us through the book of Genesis we have heard the story of creation. "God saw that it was good", we are told. Whenever we admire creation, let us not forget where it came from, but offer fitting thanks and worship to the Creator.