Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thursday evening

It could only be Thursday evening: the weekly newsletter is printed and ready for our volunteer folders to get to work tomorrow morning. They have a slightly easier task at this time of year, as the number of copies printed is reduced for the summer, such is the effect of the holiday season. If there are slightly fewer blog posts in these days it is a reflection of a general (and most welcome!) slowdown in the pace of Cathedral life, with very few extra events due before September. Things are still happening behind the scenes, of course: for example, last week we posted an update on the work being carried out on the new cloister garden; a further update can be found on the St Thérèse blog, here. Meanwhile, wherever you are over the summer you can keep in touch with the Cathedral via the website. There will be regular posts on all three of our blogs, and you can download the weekly newsletter in pdf format here.