Thursday, 8 October 2009

150th Anniversary Vespers

On Sunday afternoon, after the Rosary, Bishop Campbell led the celebration of Vespers. Here he is seen with his two assisting deacons: Rev. John Moriarty (left) and Rev. Chris Barwise (right).

Along with the visiting Bishops, a number of priests sat in choir. Among them were members of the Cathedral Chapter and some honorary canons, all seen here wearing their mozzette. Nearest to the camera is Canon Tom Dakin, who also appears on some of the photographs taken at the Cathedral's centenary in 1959. Canon Dakin and his brother, Fr Gerard Dakin, both grew up in the Cathedral parish. Billington's Blog carries some centenary photos on a post here; both the Dakins appear on the middle image. Can you spot them? Of course, many of the parishioners involved in last Sunday's celebrations were also present at the 1959 events.

Bishop McMahon gave a sermon during Vespers. He spoke about what it means to be "firmly founded on rock", and told of a cathedral he had visited which had been destroyed in a hurricane; a new cathedral is now being built on the site.

At the end of Vespers there was Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, followed by the singing of the Te Deum in thanksgiving for the 150 years gone by. During the Te Deum the Bishop incensed all of the consecrated altars in the side chapels of the Cathedral. It was encouraging to see many people travel from outside the parish to be at Vespers on the anniversary day. Don't forget that Vespers is sung in the Cathedral every Sunday at 4:40pm, and everyone - no matter where they live - is most welcome.

After Vespers the Bishop had the chance to greet some of the people present, and afternoon tea was then provided in the Cathedral Social Centre. Tomorrow we take a look back at the social side of last Sunday's celebrations.