Friday 9 October 2009

150th Anniversary Lunch

Each year after the Mass of the Dedication feast there is a parish lunch. Usually it's in the Cathedral Social Centre and is prepared by parishioners. This year it was decided to give our dedicated catering team some well-earned time off (especially after the first half of the week, when they had been tirelessly feeding St Thérèse pilgrims!), so lunch took place in the White Cross pub over the road. The staff there put on a hearty buffet, and the extra space allowed for more people to be present. For a couple of hours we completely took over the place!

Here's a sight that the White Cross regulars don't see every day - a Bishop in full purple! Bishop Campbell, Bishop O'Donoghue and Bishop McMahon all came over for the lunch, which seemed to be a great success. Thanks to Andy and everyone at the White Cross. The afternoon tea after Vespers was arranged through parishioners, and we would like to thank Harriet for her hard work to produce such a wonderful spread, as well as the young parishioners who helped her to serve the food. With this the blog's coverage of the 150th anniversary day draws to a close, but there will be more on the exhibtion (at Lancaster City Museum) soon, along with coverage of our night at the Grand Theatre (Sunday 18th, 8pm; all welcome - tickets just £5). More details in due course. Soon we will return to the St Thérèse visit, to share some more photographs of her relics in Lancaster, as the national tour enters its final weekend. PS - if it's your birthday today, happy birthday!